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Ms. Kathy  - Lady-Bug Classroom (Pre-K)

Our Pre-K program continues your child’s journey to become an accomplished, confident learner. Our staff fosters each child to develop a sense of self control while sharing and understanding differences. Listening skills are sharpened to discriminate sound, rhymes, and patterns. Reading-writing connections are enhances as the children continue to develop a sense of sound/symbol relationships. Children are immersed in literacy experiences, read aloud, print awareness and phonetic relationships. Expressive language and vocabulary development are cultivated. Mathematical concepts, counting, and number relationships are enhanced. We also encourage more mature play expressions including cooperative and dramatic play. Greater fine motor control is nurtured, as well as gross motor and balance concepts. This program strives to provide all the necessary skills needed for a successful transition to kindergarten.

Ms. Hazel -  Butterflies Classroom (Preschool)

Our Preschool program begins a whole new journey for your toddler as your child begins to create a new “school” family. Our teachers build self-esteem, social development and confidence while introducing basic concepts. The children are encourages to expand social skills, listen attend and develop appropriate ways to express their emotions. Our day consists of large group time and small group time, story time, free play, song, dance, cooking and arts & crafts. Curriculum concepts include colors, shapes, name recognition, as well as number and letter introduction. Our great room and playground invite opportunities for gross motor development as well as socialization. Story time provides opportunities to learn pre-reading concepts and story structure. We foster a child’s sense of self through all activities including parallel and associative play. Our goal is to create a sense of enjoyment and security in your child’s first school experience.

Ms. Amelia - Caterpillar Classroom (Toddlers)

Our Caterpillar classroom is designed to introduce your child to their first preschool experience. Our experienced staff will ease the separation for both you and your child. The children are introduced into an exciting new world, with many opportunities for exploration and interaction. Social and developmental skill are initiated through various activities. The children begin to learn and enjoy various gross motor activities as well as music/movement. This program is designed to allow each child to adjust to their new surrounding comfortably.

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